GESA FC Won Their Last Three Matches In A Row to Become Winners Of DSL Season 2

It was an interesting season for the Eagles in this year’s Dangme Supreme League as they emerged first on the league table with 41 points and 23 goals difference.

As victorious as it appears to be, it is amazing to know how tough and competitive this season has being and emerging as the champion wasn’t achieved on a silver platter. After successfully completing the first leg of the league with a clean sheet of no game lost in nine matches, the Eagle boys lost one match by 2 goals to 1 against Zongo FC of Dawa in the second leg.

This situation has put GESA FC in a very tight position, with the only option of winning all three remaining matches ahead of them. This having been said wasn’t actually as easy as it may sound. The Eagles have to put in all necessary strategies to make their dream of winning the league a reality.

The journey through the remaining matches began with a clash against Avengers SC, a game GESA FC won by 2 goals to 1, followed by 1 goal victory against Young Stars FC, and finally a 2 goals to 1 victory against Kaizer FC to finish up.

On a slippery pitch caused by a heavy downpour of rain few hours to the game, the Eagles managed to bag home a win over the home team to become champions of the season.

In the first half of the game, a goal from Isaiah Doleh placed GESA FC ahead which was later equalized by Kaizer FC in the last quarter of the second half. This brought a lost hope for the Eagles at the moment since their only option was to win that match in order to win the league. Few minutes into the grieving moments, a wonderful and sudden strike from Clement Teye Odonkor assisted by Isaiah Doleh into the back of the net of Kaizer FC placed the Eagles ahead to emerge as the victor of the game. It was a wonderful moment of glory for GESA FC.