Rock FC 1 - 2 GESA FC
01 Jun 2019 - 15:00Dawa ORT Park

The Eagles have once again attained another victory in a clash against Rock FC in the Dangme Supreme League season two. It was their 8th game played on match day nine as their 7th game against Easy Battle was postponed and yet to be played as an outstanding match on 9th June, 2019. In the spirit of oneness and unity, GESA FC played spectacularly as a team which earned them their victory in the just ended game.

As usual, the match started at 15:00 GMT and GESA FC kicked the ball to begin the game. Fast into the game, the Eagle boys dominated the field with possession of the ball. Rock FC tried as hard as they could to gain control in the game but the Eagles would also not give them the chance to. The first-half of the play time was characterized by lots of missed goal opportunities for both sides including unsuccessful long shots into both goal posts. Even though it was an away match for GESA FC, they were however poised with full vim and very enthusiastic and optimistic to win. Half-way through into the first half, GESA FC’s defender/midfielder Abraham Ayittah who featured today at the right wing gave a long shot into Rock FC’s goal post but the ball was deflected when the goal keeper attempted to save it. Isaiah Doleh being at the right place at the right time utilized the opportunity by shooting the deflected ball into into the goal post of Rock FC at the time the goal keeper was yet recover from his fall. Isaiah’s goal gave his side a lead in the game through to the end of the first-half.

Few minutes into the second-half, a long pass into the goal area of GESA FC saw a cluster of players from the Eagles’ side struggling to clear the ball out of their goal area. They all missed the ball and Rock FC utilized the opportunity through a long shootout into the goal post of GESA FC as the goal keeper tried to prevent a goal but failed. That became an equalizer goal for Rock FC as they cheered together with their fans and supporters.

It was in the last quarter of the second-half when no one really expected after so many failed attempts from the striking forward and long shots from the mid-field of GESA FC, that Francis Tawiah Larbi, GESA FC’s finest dribbler performed his magic and gave a successful long pass to Enock Sina Doleh who penetreated through Rock FC’s defense and finally beat the goal keeper to score the second goal for GESA FC in an amazing style. The jubilation and excitement could not be hidden in any manner possible for the Eagles. That brough the score line to 2:1 against Rock FC.

Few minutes after, the referee blew his whistle to bring the game to an end. It was a joyous match day for the Eagle boys. The match was officiated by Referee Kortey and assisted on the line by Narh Mathias.