GESA FC Vrs Koni Kablu Stars

GESA FC 2 - 1 Koni Kablu Stars
26 May 2019 - 15:00Lotsubuer School Park

Another victorious day came for GESA FC in the DSL Season 2, as the Eagles came through in a 2:1 against Koni Kablu Stars. This was the seventh game for the Eagles as their clash against Easy Battle of Ayetepah was postponed. The game started a bit late due to some delays on the part of the match officials, so began at exactly 15:43 GMT. The Eagle boys won the toss to kick-start the play with their top striker Enock Sina Doleh tightly in position hungry for goals. The beginning of the game saw GESA FC controlling the possession of the ball seriously in the spirit to score goals. Almost half the play time in the first-half of the game was full of missed and underutilized goal opportunities on the part of the Eagles. Sooner the game became tough as both sides gained fair grounds of ball possession. GESA FC’s striker Enock Sina Doleh lifted the spirit of everyone on the match ground, especially from side as he gave a long shot into the goal post of Koni Kablu Stars but unfortunately hit the top bar of the pole. So many missed goal opportunities in the firs-half. To show that all hope is not lost yet, the Doleh brothers again did what they do best as Isaiah Doleh gave an assist that saw his younger brother Enock Sina Doleh one-on-one with the goal keeper of Koni Kablu Stars and scored him beautifully to put his side ahead in the game. The first-half ended 1:0 in favour of the Eagles. Deep into the second-half, Enock Sinah Doleh again scored the second goal of the match and was assisted by Wisdom Blebo – another fine and fast running short striker of GESA FC. That brought the score line to 2:0 against Koni Kablu. In the last quarter of the second-half, the referee awarded a penalty to Koni Kablu Stars out of a foul play from the Eagles’ goal keeper. The Kablu Stars utilized the opportunity to bring the score line to 2:1, after which they became optimistic of at least ending the game with a draw in their away match. However, that dream could not be materialized as time factor also came in their coupled with defense play from the Eagles. The game ended 2:1 against Koni Kablu Stars as the referee blew his whistle to close the game. It was at the end of the match day a win for the Eagles as they secured 3 points to place them in better position on the league table. The match was officiated by Referee Buju and assisted on the line by Narh Mathias.