GESA FC vrs Kaizer FC

GESA FC 3 - 3 Kaizer FC
28 Apr 2019 - 15:00Lotsubuer School Park

Although it was a match that was supposed to be a done deal for the Eagles, it ended up 3:3 between GESA FC and Kaizer FC. The match started at exactly 15:10 on the Lotsubuer School Park.

Just about only 4 minutes into the game, GESA FC’s top striker Enock Sina Doleh “blooded” the net of their opponet – Kaizer FC with the first goal, assisted by his big brother from the same womb Isaiah Doleh. At exactly 15:33, Kaizer FC had catch up on the scoreline to bring the game to 1:1. Now its a tie between both sides and the game became tougher. As both teams were serious working out their magics to change their fate in the game, GESA FC secured a penalty goal scored by Isaiah Doleh which was assisted by his younger brother, Enock Sina Doleh. It has become what it seems to be a match day for the Doleh brothers as the scoreline became 2:1 to end the first-half of the game.

Few minutes into the second-half at exactly 16:39, Enock Sina Doleh scored his second goal of the same match to bring the game to 3:1 in favour of GESA FC, assisted by his brother again. It was all joy and cheers for the Eagles when the unexpected began to happen. Kaizer FC secured a penalty goal out of what the referee awarded to them as a foul play from the goal keeper of the Eagles, to close the score gap to 3:2. Although GESA FC’s hope was beginning to dwindle, they still hoped to maintain the score at least to give them a victory over the match.

Shockingly, out of what could be described as worse than an unexpected outcome, Kaizer FC cleared their loss in the game through a utilized advantage in GESA FC’s weak defense. As unbelievable as it could be, the game ended a draw with a scoreline of 3:3. Kaizer FC was happy they didn’t lose an away match, as GESA FC became disappointed for not securing an obvious win in their home.